Is Spring Here Yet?

Christmas and New Years have come and gone.  Daydreams of long rows of beans, tall trellises of cucumbers and the big deep green leaves of summer squash keep sneaking up on me.  We’ve already made long lists of what to plant and where to plant it with the room that we have, but it has become obvious, that we have more to plant than we have room.  The question isn’t if we need the garden space, the question is where will we put it?

I’ve been hearing so much lately, about planting seeds in eggshells, then when the seedlings are ready to plant, directly planting the whole plant and egg shell directly into the ground, that I’ve decided to try it.  We have an abundance of egg shells, thanks to the chickens, and it seems they make great planters plus they add calcium to the soil as they break down.  What a great idea!

The greenhouse has been such a blessing this winter and I’m ready to put it to some serious use (something more than lettuce etc.) within the next month.  Also on my list of things to do is to set up a couple cold frames right over some of the outside rows in order to directly sow cold crops into the ground this month.

I have visions of plowing half an acre in the cow pasture and fencing it off from the cows.  More visions of clearing an acre on the south slope and building tiers for tomatoes and who knows what else.  My dear husband simply smiles and says…….yes dear.   He is very familiar with the January garden itch that comes over me.

I’ll soon make a list in the sidebar of what we plan to grow this coming season.  It’ll be interesting to see what I “plan” to grow and what we actually end up growing due to size, space, bugs etc.   I do know that we will be growing Habanero peppers again!  Having them to spice up meals throughout the winter sure keeps the taste and colors of the garden fresh in your mind and the sweet/hot Apricot Habanero Jelly spooned over cream cheese on a Ritz cracker……YUM!!  I’d have to say that between the jelly and the salsa, peppers were my favorite thing to grow last season.

Oh! Also, while doing some clean up garden and yard work, we came across two praying mantis egg things.  I’m not sure what their proper name is , but I’m excited that we have that type of activity for our garden!  They are THE most wonderful organic pest control I have been able to find so far.

What are everyone else’s garden plans?  Any new neat ideas that you’re going to try?


About Seeds By Faith

Our family homesteads a modest hobby farm in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Living in the Ozark Mountains is at its best...a gift from God; at its and back breaking work, but even then, God's promises are true and our labor is blessed with rewards beyond our imagination. We take one day at a time learning and striving to be "self sufficient" while depending heavily on our good Lord above for strength and wisdom. From our farm, we offer open-pollinated, heirloom, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) seed from around the world that is grown, organically, in our garden and harvested with our own bare hands. Seed is available at
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One Response to Is Spring Here Yet?

  1. Ozarkhomesteader says:

    The egg shells should help prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes, since it is caused by a calcium deficiency. I’ve never tried it but may try this year. I’d think, though, that tomatoes and other plants that need good root systems might need a second planting in something deeper before you plant out.

    I’ve got winter greens growing under plastic but am woefully behind in starting my seedlings.

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