Spring in the Greenhouse

I love the promise a greenhouse holds…the warm damp scent of the soil, the warmth that you step into upon entering, the sight of rich deep green leaves…the very essence of life, creation and of course, resurrection.

So many things are happening in the garden and greenhouse at this time, it is difficult to keep up with it all.  I was so excited to learn a new method for germinating tomato and pepper seeds that I tried it immediately.

Has anyone ever started their seeds in an incubator?  That’s right, an egg incubator for hatching eggs!  You can set the temperature exactly where it needs to be depending on the seed and it remains that way until the seeds have sprouted.  Then I simply moved the trays of tomatoes and peppers into the greenhouse without worry of developing leggy plants.  Now….those few trays have grown into almost a thousand tomato plants and several hundred pepper plants.  That’ll teach me to take a new concept and go a bit too crazy with it.

The above picture is of the 4 x 4 square we put in the greenhouse to fill up with beans early this spring.  Late last summer when I put beans out, something kept eating all the tops off.  I’ve not had that problem in the past, but this spring I didn’t want to go through the same thing so I figured I’d put a 4 square in the greenhouse to keep that from happening.

We laid down the matting and put the 4 square on top of it.  Then I mixed the soil-less mix in the wheel barrow.  All our seeds begin their journey in soil-less mix.  We begin the base with Organic Peat Moss and add manure.  I know everyone warns against using regular cow manure due to the seeds in it, but in the spring, our cows haven’t had any access to plant seeds.  Plus, manure from our cows is free.  Then Vermeculite and Organic Blood Meal is added to the mixture.  This mixture is a terrific base to begin any seeds in.  We have had great success with it.

Well we planted the 4 square with Jade green beans and faithfully checked them only to sadly discover little holes where some miserable critter had snuck into the greenhouse and dug up the seeds!  As I replanted the seeds over the course of the next few days, a few others sprouted.  After a few more days I entered the greenhouse to discover the miserable critter had eaten the tops off of my newly sprouted beans!  Well I knew it couldn’t be no rabbit sneaking in so it had to be a mouse.  Now I have always felt that if the field mice will stay out of the house, I won’t set out poison for them, but this was war.  Needless to say, all the beans have now sprouted and are beginning their second set of leaves.

A new herb bed is being built…..we’ve planted several kinds of Basil, Thyme, and there is some Rosemary, Sage, Oregano and new this year is some Stevia.  I can’t wait to learn how to cook with such a wonderful natural sweetener.  Also…..we pick our bees up tomorrow!  I’ll take the camera along to post about it next time!

I hope ya’ll are enjoying your spring time planting too!


About Seeds By Faith

Our family homesteads a modest hobby farm in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Living in the Ozark Mountains is at its best...a gift from God; at its worst....hot and back breaking work, but even then, God's promises are true and our labor is blessed with rewards beyond our imagination. We take one day at a time learning and striving to be "self sufficient" while depending heavily on our good Lord above for strength and wisdom. From our farm, we offer open-pollinated, heirloom, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) seed from around the world that is grown, organically, in our garden and harvested with our own bare hands. Seed is available at www.seedsbyfaith.com.
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