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Our family homesteads a modest hobby farm in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Living in the Ozark Mountains is at its best...a gift from God; at its and back breaking work, but even then, God's promises are true and our labor is blessed with rewards beyond our imagination. We take one day at a time learning and striving to be "self sufficient" while depending heavily on our good Lord above for strength and wisdom. From our farm, we offer open-pollinated, heirloom, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) seed from around the world that is grown, organically, in our garden and harvested with our own bare hands. Seed is available at

Saving Seeds

Saving seeds is an extremely easy thing to do once you know how.  To me, peppers are the easiest.  Simply cut the pepper open, scrape the seeds onto a plate or the counter, rinse them and lay them out on … Continue reading

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Plants and Produce!

Summer is here and it came early this year!  The plants are blooming, the bean vines are climbing, the Farmers Markets are out in full force and above all…..the bees are buzzing! Here on the farm, we have built several … Continue reading

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Spring in the Greenhouse

I love the promise a greenhouse holds…the warm damp scent of the soil, the warmth that you step into upon entering, the sight of rich deep green leaves…the very essence of life, creation and of course, resurrection. So many things … Continue reading

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Planting Ideas

We had a beautiful snow storm last week.  A snow so pretty, that we were left without a care in the world about planting season coming!  Thankfully, we got over it a few days later and now our minds are … Continue reading

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Is Spring Here Yet?

Christmas and New Years have come and gone.  Daydreams of long rows of beans, tall trellises of cucumbers and the big deep green leaves of summer squash keep sneaking up on me.  We’ve already made long lists of what to … Continue reading

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Christmas Figgy Pudding Recipe

Ever wonder what exactly is figgy pudding?  We hear about it year after year around Christmas time so this year I wanted to finally figure out what it was.  What I have found out is that it isn’t actually a … Continue reading

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Looking for Snow

Today is December 10th and it is supposed to warm up to 52 degrees today! Now I’m all for longer growing seasons, but it’s December, Christmas is approaching and it sure would be nice to see some snow!  We have … Continue reading

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Cider-Glazed Squash

If you garden with heirlooms and have an abundance of acorn squash or simply enjoy the autumn taste of acorn squash from the farmer’s market, you might like to add this tasty recipe to your menu of ways to cook … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Ice in the Ozarks

Part of the glory of living in the Ozarks is learning how to deal with freezing rain.  The important thing to remember is to watch the skies above and listen to your weatherman.  During this time of year when the … Continue reading

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Harvest Chicken Noodle Soup

This is one of my favorite recipes during this season and throughout winter.  It is a great way to use cold crop produce and fresh herbs for the garden or greenhouse.  Perfect for a cozy evening against the damp cold!   … Continue reading

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